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Cosplayer vence concurso oficial de cosplay com a caracterização da Jaina, a Rainha de Gelo

A vencedora fez a Jaina, Rainha de Gelo, no concurso oficial de cosplays de Hearthstone!

A Blizzard divulgou o resultado do concurso de cosplays de Hearthstone, que terá de premiação uma réplica da Aluneth, arma de Mago que está presente no card game e no World of Warcraft. Sonia Grillet é a vencedora, que fez uma caracterização incrível da Jaina, a Rainha de Gelo.

Congratulations to @cinderys_art, winner of our very first Hearthstone Cosplay Contest as Frost Lich Jaina! #cosplay #instagaming #instagood #hearthstone

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Veja abaixo algumas fotos, que a cosplayer foi divulgando recentemente no Instagram oficial:

New picture of Jaina inspired by the trailer ! I did my registrations for Hearthstone's cosplay contest and Blizzard cosplay contest at @gamescom ! Cross fingers now... Void Elf is started, cosplay and design commissions continue, this weekend release of the Making of Ysera book !! And World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth HYYYYYYPE still there ! Gosh I can't wait but I have so much work to do.... Question : Do you prefer a 2.0 book of Sylvanas for next month or a Frost Lich Jaina one ? Character : Frost Lich Jaina from @playhearthstone - Illustration by @glennrane Cosplayer and editing : @cinderys_art Photographer : @zentodestiny01 #hearthstonecosplaycontest #Hearthstone #Cosplay #Gamescom #Jaina #frostlichjaina #frost #lichqueen #jainacosplay #cosplayjaina #knightsofthefrozenthrone

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NEWS & NEXT PROJECTS (! Important stuff here !) News: After Nice Geek Expo I had a tendinitis on the shoulder and wrist, that's partly why I could not finish Kayle in time for Japan Expo... So this week I take a short "break" !! By a break I mean that I took care of sending the prints today, that I will finish translating Ysera's book for my patrons, work a little on the design commissions, and edit pictures like this one ! (Of course, I play a little to World Of Warcraft too haha ) Projects: We are at 70% of the Ko-fi donation's goal for the Void Elf cosplay materials. I add print orders to the pot, so there are several ways to participate in this project. If the donations are higher, I will use them to plan a huge professional shooting with the costume ! If the goal is filled quickly, I will also wear this costume at gamescom ! :D AND to enlarge my book of designs, I will create a poll with different characters. If you have any suggestions, it's time to indirectly get a cosplay design ! ;) Thank you everyone to make all of that possible ! Character : Frost Lich Jaina from @playhearthstone - Illustration by @glennrane Cosplayer & Editing : @cinderys_art Photographer : @zentodestiny01 #Cosplay #Hearthstone #Jaina #Warcraft #worldofwarcraft #jaina #cosplayjaina #jainacosplay #frostlichjaina #frost #lich #queen #lichqueen #Cinderys #hearthstonecosplaycontest

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Thank you so much everyone for all your birthday wishes !!! I love you so much, you're an awesome community ! I have no words to express my feelings !! Thank you to my friends, boyfriend and family too, I had a wonderful weekend with them ! The discount on prints will stay few days again (Buy 1 print, get 1 free). :D You just have to ask which picture you want in the comment of your order. (I will put the link in comments this time, and I will do a link tree soon ;) ). Btw, we are already at 20% for the "Materials for a Void Elf Cosplay" goal in ko-fi ! Thank you so much !! If you want to participate, the link will be in comments too ! LOVE LOVE LOVE ! Character : Frost Lich Jaina from @playhearthstone Illustration by @glennrane Cosplayer & Editing : @cinderys_art Photographer : @zentodestiny01 #Cosplay #Hearthstone #Cinderys #Birthday #Jaina #frostlichjaina #frost #lichqueen #jainacosplay #cosplayjaina #Warcraft #hearthstonecosplaycontest

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Você confere mais fotos em seu Instagram e veja outros cosplays nesta seção aqui no site. Veja também muitos cosplays irados da Blizzcon 2019:

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